Mister Earl

Why are you so popular? classic? and smooth?  You know just how to woo the ladies…and gentlemen.  Oozing with bergamot flavour.  Floral with a citrus kick.  A dash of milk, a spoon of honey.  Don’t forget to let him cool down before you decide to kiss his lips!


I was never a huge fan of earl grey tea.  As a young girl I grew up drinking orange pekoe out of small floral painted tea cups.  In University I drank Love Tea #7, a dark chocolate strawberry flavoured black tea.  Those are only a few of my (almost possibly earl grey) black tea experiences.  Earl grey was something I ordered from Starbucks as a latte, otherwise known as a London Fog.  Earl was too typical, too regular.  I was working at Davidstea where I could drink any flavour I wanted.  I was cool without Earl.

Can you guess what I love to drink every morning now?  With a dash of milk and a spoon of honey?

You got it.  2014 was the year Mister Earl Grey and I started a love affair.

Here are my two favourite earl grey blends to drink on the regular.

1. Earl Green Cream from Tealish.  A green tea blend with bergamot and vanilla.  I am definitely a vanilla girl.  Not too sweet, a bit on the creamy side with a warm but light flavour. Yum.

2. Earl Grey Rooibos from Davidstea.  This one is awesome because it is caffeine free!  I tend to go on caffeine free detoxes every now and then when I feel as though I’ve been buzzing around a bit too much.  Earl Grey Rooibos lets me have that floral earl grey taste without the caffeine and that makes a girl real happy when she just wants a cup of sweet tea in the morning minus the buzz.  Yes you can have this one at night too, but I tend to wake up with earl grey syndrome rather than night cap it.

How do you like your Earl Grey?


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Rainbow Raspberries

Remember Tealish?

Last week on a rainy Monday I walked into Tealish for the second time to check out some of their fruitier blends. Oh man this place is great, I love again the cozy atmosphere that wraps you up in a blanket.  It is also cool to be a customer in a tea store as most often I am usually behind the counter making tea for people at Davids.  Smelling all the teas does not get old. I love it.

I picked out a delicious coconut oolong to drink and bough two packets of tea as follows;

1. Razmintazz: a herbal tea with peppermint, giant raspberries, chamomile, apple and hibiscus.  The Tealish girl sold it to me by saying it tastes like pop rocks. Yum! Even though I don’t get that pop rocks taste when I drink it, it still satisfies my palate completely.  It’s so refreshingly fruity with a pop! of mint.

2. Rainbow Rooibos: what a great fruity rooibos with pomegranates, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple and rosebuds.  Not overly fruity as you would expect with so many flavours and that’s what I love about it.


I need to have a tea party soon so I can share all these great teas with my friends. Look at these dinosaurs just enjoying their tea.  The little guy being the hostess:)

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Tealish has been around for about 7 years in the quaint Queen West area right by Trinity Bellwoods park in Toronto.  If you are ever downtown near Queen St W and Bathurst there is a quiet little tea store just waiting for you to order a cup of tea.

I’m going to be honest, I was a little disappointed when I walked in to the store, or boutique as they like to call themselves.  I was the first to say hello and strike up a conversation after a while as I was browsing their festive tea accessories near the front of the store.  I had been excited to discover this new tea place and I unexpectedly found they were not as welcoming as I had hoped.  Maybe I’m spoiled in the suburbs with people who like friendly conversation, because the downtown crowd seem to keep to themselves.

I wanted to know MORE about tealish!  I follow their blog and they have great tea recipes and information about their different types of teas.  However, the service I received in store was mediocre.  The clear disinterest when showing me their different teas and talking about the company shortened my stay and left me disappointed.

Minus the poor service, the store was absolutely adorable and I did not leave totally disappointed.  The wooden floors squeaked as I walked around the front of the store browsing their tea accessories.  It was the beginning of my Christmas shopping that day so I decided to get a tea for the road.  And what better way to start your Christmas shopping with a mint chocolate rooibos, black tea and vanilla soy latte!

While one of the girls was making my latte in the back room I joined the other tealish girl in the front to have a look at their different teas.  I wanted so many!

  • Pink Dragonfruit
  • Dreidels and Donuts
  • Carrot Cake
  • Earl Greypfruit.

I ended up purchasing 50g of the Earl Greypfruit, which takes a zesty grapefruit spin on the classic Earl Grey tea.  It is a great morning and afternoon tea with that hint of citrus kick that makes the tea a little bit lighter than the classic Earl Grey.

Final notes:

  • Tasty tea lattes.  Each of the staff created their own and they are having a competition to see whose is the best.
  • Poor customer service.  Bring a friend when you visit because it will be more enjoyable with someone else.
  • Be prepared to purchase a 50g minimum amount of tea if you are looking to bring some loose tea home with you.  I would have bought more tea if I could have purchased a smaller amount to test out.  Although I am already half way through my Earl Greypfruit…
  • ALL NATURAL flavouring in their teas.  No artificial nonsense that confuses people.
  • Toasty Almond is the same tea as David’s Forever Nuts.  The similarity of the teas surprised me, they had one or two other teas that were closely similar to those at Davids.  Who created them first?  I do not want to start that debate.

All in all, if you love loose leaf tea go check tealish out! Bring a friend and definitely try one of their festive lattes!


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