Mister Earl

Why are you so popular? classic? and smooth?  You know just how to woo the ladies…and gentlemen.  Oozing with bergamot flavour.  Floral with a citrus kick.  A dash of milk, a spoon of honey.  Don’t forget to let him cool down before you decide to kiss his lips!


I was never a huge fan of earl grey tea.  As a young girl I grew up drinking orange pekoe out of small floral painted tea cups.  In University I drank Love Tea #7, a dark chocolate strawberry flavoured black tea.  Those are only a few of my (almost possibly earl grey) black tea experiences.  Earl grey was something I ordered from Starbucks as a latte, otherwise known as a London Fog.  Earl was too typical, too regular.  I was working at Davidstea where I could drink any flavour I wanted.  I was cool without Earl.

Can you guess what I love to drink every morning now?  With a dash of milk and a spoon of honey?

You got it.  2014 was the year Mister Earl Grey and I started a love affair.

Here are my two favourite earl grey blends to drink on the regular.

1. Earl Green Cream from Tealish.  A green tea blend with bergamot and vanilla.  I am definitely a vanilla girl.  Not too sweet, a bit on the creamy side with a warm but light flavour. Yum.

2. Earl Grey Rooibos from Davidstea.  This one is awesome because it is caffeine free!  I tend to go on caffeine free detoxes every now and then when I feel as though I’ve been buzzing around a bit too much.  Earl Grey Rooibos lets me have that floral earl grey taste without the caffeine and that makes a girl real happy when she just wants a cup of sweet tea in the morning minus the buzz.  Yes you can have this one at night too, but I tend to wake up with earl grey syndrome rather than night cap it.

How do you like your Earl Grey?


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Very Berry Hibiscus

Okay so it may not be tea, but this drink is very appropriately welcomed in my books.

As of yesterday, Starbucks released their new Starbucks Refreshers line of beverages. And get this, they are made from coffee beans! It will sound sort of strange when you look at the picture below and see that my drink is pink and fruity looking. So I was surprised to hear that they were made from coffee beans!

How? This was my question, since my drink tastes nothing like coffee. I choose to stay away from it and avoid the jitters. However, this drink is made with green coffee extract with real fruit juice to create this awesome cool refreshment! Want to read more about this new Starbucks innovation? Check out Starbucks news and you can read more about this amazing drink.

I almost think its tea! With its subtle taste and hint of fruitiness and hibiscus, it could pass for an iced tea drink. The frozen berries add a nice summer feel to the cool drink and the color is quite pleasing. I don’t know if it compares to my regular Starbucks drink iced passion tea lemonade, but it was a nice change and I hope I get that lil boost of energy I was looking for before work!

Can’t wait to try the cool lime flavor!


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