Fresh Vanilla Mint Iced Tea

Why hello there tea friends. I have an iced tea recipe for you today.

First, I want to stress how easy it is to make iced tea at home and what a great alternative it is to Slurpies, soda pops and Arizonas.  Any of your teas at home can be made into an iced tea.  Whatever flavour you’re in the mood for, simply double steep the tea you want to drink and pour it over ice and voila! Iced tea!

However, there are many other ways to infuse iced tea at home. I like to get a little creative every time and try something different.  Recently I have been brewing chaga mushroom tea and chilling it in the refrigerator.  After some chill time, a couple of hours or so, the chaga will be cool enough to pour over a glass of ice and enjoyed as a refreshingly earthy beverage on a hot summer day.  The chilled chaga can also be added to any of your iced tea blends, adding an earthy, full-bodied, almost vanilla-y taste to your tea.

I am still discovering places in Toronto to purchase chaga, but I found a small little shop where I can get chaga finely ground or in chunks by the pound.  House of Energy is located in Kensington Market and has everything from loose tea, crystals, handmade jewellery to mushrooms.  If you’re curious to know more about this magical mushroom, stop by House of Energy and the ladies there will let you in on the secrets of chaga.


And finally, here is an iced tea recipe I created on the fly one afternoon while cooling down from a mid-day cooking extravaganza.

1 cup of steeped Vanilla Orchid and Spearmint tea (use about a teaspoon of tea to steep each)

a few fresh mint leaves from the garden

1 cup of chilled steeped chaga mushroom

1/2 teaspoon of agave (optional for those sweet teeth out there)

So I steeped the Vanilla Orchid with Spearmint, poured it over iced and added the mint and chilled chaga altogether in a glass.  Cool down with this fresh vanilla chaga mint iced tea (that was a mouthful), it will be the healthiest thing you do that day!


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Alright, so I’m going to tell you a little bit about my favourite tea store….DavidsTea.  Just so you know what I’m talking about most of the time and hopefully this will encourage you to check it out!

DavidsTea was founded in Montreal by none other than David himself and he has definitely opened up a new community for tea.  Loose leaf tea allows you to taste more flavour in your tea and there becomes more opportunity to create unique flavours.  There are so many different flavours and I truly believe there is one for everybody!

Rows upon rows of tins filled with loose leaf tea I was introduced to the many different smells and the friendly staff at this fresh looking new store on Bloor St W.  My friend picked me up an insisted on trying this new place, so of course I went along and it was my first introduction to the world of loose leaf tea! I had a cup of Organic Green Seduction, which is still one of my favourites and enjoyed the possibility of coming back and trying new teas.

Don’t want a hot drink? Get it iced!

Can’t decide on which tea to try? Try the #teaoftheday


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Very Berry Hibiscus

Okay so it may not be tea, but this drink is very appropriately welcomed in my books.

As of yesterday, Starbucks released their new Starbucks Refreshers line of beverages. And get this, they are made from coffee beans! It will sound sort of strange when you look at the picture below and see that my drink is pink and fruity looking. So I was surprised to hear that they were made from coffee beans!

How? This was my question, since my drink tastes nothing like coffee. I choose to stay away from it and avoid the jitters. However, this drink is made with green coffee extract with real fruit juice to create this awesome cool refreshment! Want to read more about this new Starbucks innovation? Check out Starbucks news and you can read more about this amazing drink.

I almost think its tea! With its subtle taste and hint of fruitiness and hibiscus, it could pass for an iced tea drink. The frozen berries add a nice summer feel to the cool drink and the color is quite pleasing. I don’t know if it compares to my regular Starbucks drink iced passion tea lemonade, but it was a nice change and I hope I get that lil boost of energy I was looking for before work!

Can’t wait to try the cool lime flavor!


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