Next stop: Tea Factory

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon, we had just finished eating all you can eat sushi and trying on silly coats at the thrift store when my boyfriend and I decided to stop by this new tea shop.  We had spotted in the night before when picking up our fish and chips dinner along the Lakeshore strip in Port Credit.

The Tea Factory is right on Lakeshore close to Cawthra/Hurontario in Port Credit.  Only open for about three months now, this delightful tea spot is just what Port Credit needed.  I was very pleased this time with the customer service, the owner was very knowledgeable and helpful as she happily showed us about a dozen teas and encouraged us to smell as many as we liked.  As someone who adores tea as much as I do it is always appreciated when someone shares that passion and is open to sharing their knowledge about tea.


The store itself was very cozy, I loved the dark wood surrounding the counters.  The small seating area made it easy to sit and have a small treat with our tea (which was complimentary!:).  And next to where we were sitting was a giant chalkboard with a list of prices and a message about tea tastings!  Of course I inquired about it and the owner informed us that at the end of the month she does tea tastings of the different teas in the store.  I can come in and pay a set price and enjoy trying as many teas as I please!  This is such a wonderful idea especially because the Tea Factory is new to the neighborhood.  People can come in and meet other tea lovers, learn about tea and take pleasure in tasting new flavors!  What a great way to bring people together:)


I can’t wait to go back for their tea sampling and it is so close to my neighborhood!   I don’t have to go all the way downtown Toronto to explore new teas and shops.  I am also excited to see how the store progresses in the next coming months.  Port Credit is a quaint little area close to the lake which is pretty busy in the summer months when you can walk along the streets, by the lake and enjoy the warmer weather.  Now you can also enjoy a great cup of tea! Go Tea Factory! Check out their Facebook page here.

Purchases and Tastings:

  • Apple Oolong and Go Nuts tastings
  • Saturday Afternoon and Godiva Pu-erh as a 50g bag of tea

Check out my next posts about these new teas!

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