Christmas Eve Tea Time

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! Whose drinking a warm beverage today? Whether it is hot cocoa, coffee, or a bit of rum in your cup, you can all be a part of Christmas Eve Tea Time.

Today is the day everyone is getting ready for the last few days of Christmas.  Last minute shopping, baking cookies, wrapping and then finally when the malls close, the Christmas lights come on and the snow starts to fall we can all relax with our warm beverages and enjoy the wait….Ahhh…the wait for what you may ask?  Well Christmas of course!  Don’t act like you are not excited! Everyone gets a little bit excited about Christmas, even if you do not celebrate it.  I don’t usually have this much spirit at this time of year, but the Grinch in me has been left in his cave and the Cindy Loo-Who is dancing about.

I have had some great Christmas experiences the past few weeks at work and I’d like to share with you these moments that have warmed my heart.  I’m currently employed at David’s Tea and have been working like crazy during the holiday season.

A few weeks ago a girl come in to the store with her dad and they both ordered a cup of tea, ones that I had recommended.  Because she had mentioned she worked for another David’s Tea and I wanted her to feel welcome in a store that she was familiar with even if not her own I gave her the teas for free.  As I was making their teas, she asked me what tea I’ve been wanting to purchase for myself but haven’t had the chance to yet.  I thought hard about this and said it was always great to have a plain peppermint tea in the house when you feel like something soothing.  She agreed and ended up buying 30g of the Peppermint Amour.  A moment after her purchase, she borrowed a marker and scribbled something on the bag of tea.


Story #2

The other day, a little closer to Christmas madness now, a young girl walks in to David’s Tea.  She instantly lit up the store with her big smile and red vintage Christmas sweater.  As I was showing her our Christmas teas she told me that she was a don at her university and was always making tea for her students.  She even had a BYOM (bring your own mug) rule and faithfully brews teas from Davids.  As I was packaging teas for her, taking away and ringing her through the cash I also gave her cup of tea for free.  However, I did not tell her I had done so until the transaction was over and she was so thankful.  Merry Christmas, I said.

About an hour goes by and she walks in again to order another cup of tea.  She also left money to pay for the next two people’s tea.  I told her she was a wonderful person and her students were lucky to have her as their don.  I took the money and paid for the next two teas, explaining they were from the previous woman who was looking to pass on her Christmas joy!  And did she ever!  Not only did she make my day special but two other complete strangers.  And it all started with a cup of tea…

Merry Christmas!

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