Tee Law Tay

Today has been a very productive day and its not even 4pm yet.  What woke me up this morning to get me ready for the day you might ask… well I have this awesome tea from Teaopia called Mattechino.  It sounds like some sort of coffee drink… Cappucino, Cafe Mocha, Latte this Latte that.  I used to drink all those fancy coffees before I found out how great a cup of tea can be.  How great a cup of tea can be! I like that, it has a nice ring to it! How great a cup of tea can be if you just put it on your knee!

Anyway, this morning I made myself a tea latte!  I’ve always gotten those coffee lattes and recently I’ve been trying some tea lattes but I’ve never really made a good one myself at home in my own kitchen.  So without a milk frothier or any sort of fancy latte thing, I created the Nicole latte! Actually, it wasn’t all that hard and I didn’t add anything special to it (yet!) but we can still call it The Nicole Latte for now.

Step 1: Steep double the amount of tea you would normally use for a cup for yourself.  I used Mattechino from Teaopia because it has a Mate base (energy booster!) and a little bit of a chocolatey flavour, just how I like my lattes!  I would recommend a chocolatey or cinnamon or coffee bean tea or any one that you feel will go well with milk, those are just my suggestions.  Also, don’t fill the cup with hot water all the way because you need to leave room for the milk!  Today I used the Magic Steeper to steep my tea so I could make more than one latte.

Step 2: While the tea is steeping, pour about half a cup of milk into a small pot and put it on medium heat on the stove.  Today I used 2%, but I find soy milk froths wonderfully and tastes delicious in coffee and tea.

Step 3: Once the milk starts bubbling, grab a whisk and whisk that milk like crazy for about a minute or two.

Step 4: When the milk is all bubbly and frothy and warm, you’re ready to go!  Pour the milk into about half a cup of tea and drink up!  If you used a Magic Steeper than make sure you pour the rest of the tea out of the steeper into a separate cup and store it in the fridge.  That way you don’t over steep the rest of your tea and you can always make a second cup for when you want another yummy latte or even an iced latte! For an iced latte follow the same steps, just make sure you pour the tea and the milk over a large cup of ice.


My morning latte cup, one of my favourite mugs because it, well it tells me I’m gorgeous!


Add some frothy milk and you’ll see how great a cup of tea can be!

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