Looking for a way to steep your loose leaf tea?  Have you tried using a paper towel or coffee filter yet?

KIDDING! Please do not use a paper towel or coffee filter…they don’t work!  To be honest, if this is your last resort they do kind of work…a little bit, but not really.  You have to use twice the amount of tea to get the same flavour and if you don’t mind getting chunks of tea stuck in your teeth then be my guest!  Use that coffee filter!

OR instead, head on over to your local tea store, IKEA or a kitchen/home store and pick yourself up an INFUSER if you haven’t already.  And I’m going to tell you WHY you should do so.

If you’re wondering if I’ve used a paper towel or coffee filter to steep my loose leaf tea than yes your assumptions are correct!  I was at the cottage and brought along my tea, but forgot my infuser at home!  So as a hard-core tea addict, I used spare household products that were lying around as a substitution.  It worked a little bit, but my tea was weak and I had little floaty bits of tea all over the place.  If you don’t already have one, or even know about what an infuser is, stay on the line and listen up!

Infuser #1: The Mesh Ball

Hello! I’m a small little mesh ball a little bigger than the size of the circle you can make with your thumb and index finger.  I keep your teaspoons of tea inside me so they don’t float around the hot water in your cup.  My little chain can wrap around the handle of your mug so I don’t fall to the bottom.  I’m one of the classic infusers, but make sure you get the right one.  Don’t get the mesh balls that are too small because there won’t be enough room for your tea to expand.  Your loose leaf tea needs room to move around and fill that cup with lots of flavour!   Also, make sure the ends of the ball close together properly before you buy it in order to keep all the tea inside me.  My purpose is to make sure you’re not sipping on tea leaves so make sure you purchase one that seals up all the way.

Infuser #2: The Stainless Steel Cup

I’m one of the best infusers to use when drinking tea.  Why?  Because I provide the most flavour to your cup of tea!  Like the mesh ball I’m all about giving you optimal flavouring in your cup and I do this the best way because of all the room I provide for the tea.  You can just plop me right into your cup and make sure you hook my little handle on the rim to keep me in place.  I let the tea breathe.  Without enclosing it in a ball, I let the tea leaves expand all over the place giving them room to seep out all their flavour.  I’m easier to clean and I come in a plastic-like version as well as the stainless steal version above.  Sometimes I also come with a little saucer that you can place me on when finished steeping!

Infuser #3: The Magic Tea Steeper

I am calling myself The Magic Tea Steeper because that’s just what I do…magic!  Fill me up with lots of tea, if you plan on drinking a lot the better, and pour some hot water in me and watch what happens!  I’m the best to use when sharing tea with a friend or you want some extra tea without having to re-steep it several times.  I’m a two-cup kind of infuser, I love sharing.  Once the tea has steeped to its appropriate time you’ll be ready to fill up your cups.  Just place the bottom of me on top of your mug and push down slightly.  Lift me up and viola! your cup is full!  If you’re worried about spilling or over-filling, you can put your finger on the bottom and feel for the ring that sticks out slightly.  Push up on that and watch the tea shoot out the bottom…sort of like I’m peeing! Tee-hee:)

These are just a few of the infusers that I use.  Infusers come in all shapes and sizes and are meant to help contain those tea leaves so they don’t go escaping everywhere.  The Magic Tea Steeper is an example of some of the other infusers that you can get so you can share with friends.  You can also get a larger version of the mesh ball for tea pots and share even more!

I also came across this website while I was surfing the web.  It’s just a list of all the cool infusers that people have created to make drinking tea more fun than it already is! Click here and check it out!

Happy Infusing!

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One thought on “Infusing

  1. What if you steeped it and then used filter or paper towel to strain the leaves out. I haven’t tried that but I imagine it wouldn’t mar the flavor quite as much and would work in a pinch. I love infusers and have soooo many. It’s quite ridiculous but every time I see one I am still tempted to buy it 🙂

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