Green Tea….Beer!

This past Saturday, August 11th, my boyfriend and I attended the 2012 Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival downtown Toronto at the Steam Whistle Brewery. It was POURING rain, but we were well equipped with rain boots and a giant golf umbrella. You know you like beer when you mission downtown in the rain to taste an unlimited amount of beer. Well maybe not unlimited, but when the samples of beer are only $1 it feels as though you are getting an unlimited amount.

We paid $10-$15 each for admission which included our little sample glasses that we re-filled at the different tents.


This is what you get for ONE DOLLAR…!!!!!

There were about ten different Ontario craft brewery tents set up for us to taste from and each tent had a list of different flavours. One of my favourite tents ended up being the Great Lakes Brewery because of their Crazy Canuck Pale Ale and their Green Tea Ale.


The Green Tea Ale was delicious! You could taste a hint of the green tea and it was light enough to drink on a hot sunny day, but didn’t have a watery taste like a lot of light beers tend to have. Mind you, we didn’t get quite the sunny day we were hoping for, but drinking beer in the rain warmed us up and when the sun started peeking out I definitely got another glass of the Green Tea Ale. When I got home, I went on the Great Lakes website and found little blurbs about their different beers. The Green Tea Ale is brewed with Organic Gunpowder Green Tea, fresh Ontario grown ginseng and when I spoke to one of the girls serving the samples at the festival she said there was also black tea mixed in the brewing process! Try this Green Tea Ale and it will definitely tickle those tea buds!

Ladies, I know drinking beer is a “guy thing”, but don’t let it be! Try this Green Tea Ale, with its herbal green tea flavouring you won’t feel like you’re drinking a regular average joe beer. You can sip on it on the patio, pair it with a nice summer meal or drink it in the rain to warm you up instead of a cup of tea. It makes drinking beer a different experience, especially when there is something as awesome as tea included in the ingredients. All that needs to happen now is another craft brewery collaboration with a summer fruity tea! Strawberry Tea Beer anyone?

Great Lakes also has an Orange Peel Ale that I’m looking to try. It’s supposed to be fruity with lots of hops! MM MM MMM!


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