Alright, so I’m going to tell you a little bit about my favourite tea store….DavidsTea.  Just so you know what I’m talking about most of the time and hopefully this will encourage you to check it out!

DavidsTea was founded in Montreal by none other than David himself and he has definitely opened up a new community for tea.  Loose leaf tea allows you to taste more flavour in your tea and there becomes more opportunity to create unique flavours.  There are so many different flavours and I truly believe there is one for everybody!

Rows upon rows of tins filled with loose leaf tea I was introduced to the many different smells and the friendly staff at this fresh looking new store on Bloor St W.  My friend picked me up an insisted on trying this new place, so of course I went along and it was my first introduction to the world of loose leaf tea! I had a cup of Organic Green Seduction, which is still one of my favourites and enjoyed the possibility of coming back and trying new teas.

Don’t want a hot drink? Get it iced!

Can’t decide on which tea to try? Try the #teaoftheday


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