Teaopia…or should I say Teavana

So I’ve been very faithful to DavidsTea when it comes to buying loose leaf tea.  They have always provided me with good service and I love the fresh look and uplifting environment when I walk into the turquoise coloured store.  For those of you who do not know DavidsTea, please please please check out their website as they are a Canadian company and pretty much kick ass when it comes to tea!

Anyway, Mississauga is currently lacking on the DavidsTea front, so where am I going to buy loose leaf tea when I’m working and running around the streets of Mississauga? Teaopia of course has been my store of frequent visitations.  It has not only become my second source of tea purchases because of its convenient locations, but the one I go to has the best customer service I have had in a long while!

I was in there about a week or so ago looking to try a new tea and the girl working there opened my eyes to the world of Yerba Mate and Matcha green teas! Both are incredible teas and I will be writing future blog posts about them once I do a bit more taste testing and research.  The girl who introduced me to these teas was amazing, it is rare that I find another person more passionate about tea than I.  More knowledgeable yes, but more crazy about tea..well I’m hard to beat.

I went in there excited to try a new tea and got caught up talking about teas that give you lots of ENERGY.  I’m always looking for energetic teas because I stopped drinking coffee because of the super sugar high, crash and burning sensation in the stomach afterwards:(  But I’m always SO tired in the mornings and as I’m explaining all this to the Teaopia lady she’s wafting all the smells of the different teas in my direction and then gets into telling me about the Matcha tea.  It actually looks pretty weird (as you can see below), but has all sorts of great health benefits and gives you 10X the energy boost that most teas give you!


She then went on to make me a sample of the Matcha tea as I had never tried it before.  She whisked it together with hot water and two shots of chocolate and vanilla flavouring.  MMMMM it was delicious! And mind you, it gave me a bolt of energy!  Well I shouldn’t say a bolt because I never got that crash that coffee gives you, it was more of a long lasting energy that went into the night and had me wanting to clean the whole house when I got home.

I’m going to do a bit more research on the Matcha and Yerba Mate teas, as I’m sure there are more of you who want that energy boost without the coffee business.  Today I just wanted to share my exceptional customer service experience and encourage those that are afraid of change to try something new!  Change can be good and trying new stores and teas is exciting!


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